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In 1978, Don Raúl García Cañizales arrived in Canaima. On reaching the mainland in 1950 as a Spanish immigrant, he tried his luck at different jobs. He worked as a fisherman, a baker, a taxi-driver and a bricklayer. His wife died and he took care of his five children. With time, Don Raúl managed to buy, from his savings, a company named Canaima Tours, in which he invested everything.

Soon after, the company became the most efficient in the region, acquiring 40 boats and attending roughly 300 visitors who came from all over the world. Don Raul and his family, especially his daughters Rosa and Mary, built a stable enterprise, a profound affection for the Pemón village –who warmly welcomed the family–, and a home for coming generations.

With time, Mary met Julián, one of the pilots who flew the DC-3 airplanes to Canaima. Julián had a passion for building and together they built our Lodge, Wakü. We are very proud of our beginnings, and feel nostalgia for those early times.  However we continue to look ahead, and are always devoted to the park.

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