Over the years, Canaima Tours has trusted its transportation services to Transmandu C.A. .This has been an air transport company since 1998. Our services and itinerary are flexible and can be adapted to the needs of our guests.

We offer the following routes:

Puerto Ordaz / Canaima, Canaima / Puerto Ordaz (every day of the year, on BAe Jetstream 32, with capacity for 19 passengers. These flights are 35 minutes long). The BAe Jetstream can also be hired for national and international destinations.

We also offer the route Ciudad Bolívar / Canaima, Canaima / Ciudad Bolívar, on airplanes such as Cessna 206 (5 passengers), Cessna 210 (5 passengers) and BN Islander (9 passengers). These airplanes can also be use within the indigenous communities of Canaima National Park, including but not limited to Kavac, Kamarata and Uruyen; for passengers or cargo.

We trust Transmandu to take our passengers to the community of Kavac; this tour includes the flight over the Angel Falls, the cave tour and lunch.

 In Canaima Tours and Transmandu we appreciate your trust and our intention is to provide the best air transportation service in the National Park.

Interested in our air transportation?