Waku Lodge


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Privileged location and comfort

Wakü Lodge lies on the shore of the Canaima Lagoon, with a view of the falls and tepuy mountains. To enjoy this atmosphere, we offer a variety of areas for relaxation and reading. All rooms are provided with hot water and air conditioning. You can find WiFi in the common areas.

Expeditions and adventures

Besides the Angel Falls, get to know the Sapo and Hacha falls as well with a trip in a long canoe on the Canaima Lagoon. Also, enjoy a visit to the indigenous village of Kavac and its caves, as well as a flight over the outstanding Auyantepuy and the Angel falls.

Guaranteed air transport

With an alliance of 20 years with Transporte Aéreo Transmandu, we provide transportation to Canaima and the communities within the park.

Top quality attention

Our guests are our vocation and we work for their satisfaction

Know the wonders of Canaima