Waku Lodge


The excursion begins by navigating the Carrao River on a curiara (indigenous boat) from Ucaima port; During the navigation we will have a view towards the extensive savannas and gallery forests where we can observe some or all of the following tepuis in the distance (depending on the weather): Nonoi, Kurun, Kusary, Kuravaina, Topochi and Auyantepuy. After 10 minutes of navigation on the Carrao River, we enter to navigate the narrow and winding Moroko channel, where we can observe fauna and varied vegetation such as the tree of life, the moriche “Kuai” as well as enjoy the reflection in the river of the wonderful jungle. Muroko is an ideal place for bird watchers. We will arrive at a port where we disembark and enjoy another extraordinary angle of the emblematic tepuis of Canaima. We will start a walk of approximately 30 min until we reach a beautiful gallery forest, very exuberant, exhibiting a variety of palm trees and crystalline streams, many of them coming from the Kuravaina tepuy. We continue on foot to a waterfall in the heart of the gallery forest, where we can take a refreshing bath in the Pozo Azul. Then we will continue with another 50 min walk, this time uphill (requires a certain physical condition). There are 498 meters of ascent until reaching the summit of the Kuravaina tepuy, giving rise to a spectacular landscape with an impressive view of the Kuraupa valley and face to face with the Kurun and Kusary tepuis. From there we will begin the descent for 30 min and then a 40-minute flat walk through the extensive savannas. We return to embark on the curiara back to Ucaima port and our vehicles will be waiting for you, to take you back to Wakü Lodge (15 minutes drive). 

Duration of the experience: 5 to 6 hours. (round trip)

Due to physical demands, we will provide a simple lunch and snacks for this trip.


  • Exercise clothing, ideally quick-drying (cool fabric pants and long sleeve shirt recommended)
  • Cap or hat
  • Comfortable backpack to carry a water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, camera or phone
  • Swimsuits
  • Trekking shoes or sneakers

Information prepared with the support of Antonio Hitcher