Waku Lodge

Our story


Raúl García Cañizal was a Spanish immigrant from Salamanca, he came to Venezuela in 1957 and settled in La Guaira with his wife Erundina (Galician) who died in 1974, leaving their 3 children in his care. Raúl tried his luck in different trades since his arrival in Venezuela. He worked as a bricklayer, fisherman, baker, and taxi driver. In a country full of opportunities, without fear of work and after some particular events, Raúl arrived in Canaima in 1978.

He started out supporting other operators as a tour guide and it didn’t take long for him to decide that Canaima would be his life. As soon as his savings allowed him, Raúl acquired Canaima Tours C.A. with its concession on the shores of the Canaima Lagoon. This company, which started with a curiara and a cooler, turned it into the most important logistic system in the area, assembling a fleet of more than 40 boats (curiaras) and working with groups of more than 300 people who at that time were coming to Canaima from all over the world.

This is how Raúl, with the unconditional support of his children, Castor, Rosa and Mary, and a team of great people whom we remember fondly, left a solid company, a relationship with the Pemón – which opened its doors to the family–, a great love for nature and a home for generations to come.

In 1989 Mary met Julián Rodríguez, Captain of DC-3, in Canaima. Julián, apart from flying planes, was very good at construction. Together, as a family, they built Wakü Lodge, which opened in 2002. Julián also ventured into his own aviation company.

Almost 25 years after arriving in Canaima, the now extended family was able to offer the complete experience: air transfer, accommodation and excursions.

Today we are a team of mo

re than 130 people who make your travel experience possible. 50 reside in Canaima National Park, most of them, away from their families. We thank each member of our team for the sacrifices made, for their honest and unconditional work.

We are proud of our beginnings, nostalgic for the passage of time and the farewell of those who started this project, but we keep our vision forward, always dedicated to the dream of the Park. Today, our main objective is to protect the National Park, improve our practices to make them more sustainable and sustainable over time, continue to improve the conditions of our team, and offer our guests the best experience in Canaima.

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