Waku Lodge

Sapo and Hacha


Lagoon boat ride

Wakü Lodge is situated on the shores of the Canaima Lagoon. From there you will take a curiara (an indigenous boat) along with a professional guide from our team. This short journey will allow you to look at the Wadaima, Golondrina, Hacha and Ucaima Falls.

El Sapo Fall

After crossing the Lagoon, you will arrive at Anatolli Island. From there, you will walk and have different views, from forests to savannahs. Soon after, you will arrive to El Sapo Fall. This type of excursion is suitable for all family members. In case you have a question about whether or not a person with a special condition can take the tour, feel free to ask at the time of your reservation and always talk to your guide before the tour.

El Hacha Fall

After a short boat ride on the lagoon, you will arrive at El Hacha Fall. The path to the fall consists of rustic steps up to where the fall is situated, from where we will cross it by foot, between its rock wall and the stunning water curtain.