Waku Lodge

Kavac Caves


Experience an outstanding 30 min. flight to the Kamarata Valley, on a Cessna 206, a single-engine plane with a capacity for five passengers, or other aircrafts according to availability. On landing, we find an indigenous village named Kavac. From there, the guides will walk us through forests and savannas, where we will find many pools that have clear and pristine waters in which you can swim. Finally, we will reach a cave with a waterfall inside. The trekking takes approximately 2 hours. On the way back, we have lunch at the village, and you will be able to walk across the community and buy handcrafts made by the indigenous people. At the end of the journey we will take the plane to return to Canaima Airport, but before landing you will experience a flight over the Auyantepuy and the Angel Falls (depending on the weather, this flight over the Auyantepuy is done on the departure or returning flight). Our team will be waiting for you at the airport. Total excursion time: 6 hours approximately.